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Nsw.t Bjt.j (King) in Ancient Egyptian: A Lesson in Paronymy and Leadership takes a fresh look into the meaning of the name Nsw.t Bjt.y (Nesut Bity “King”) in the ancient ci.Kam (Egyptian) languages using the analytical tools of anthropological linguistics and comparative cultural anthropology. Its aim is to explicate from primary sources—and from related African languages and cultures—the methods that inspire the various conceptual and emblematic associations related to ancient Egyptian kingship in particular and African kingship in general. In addition, Nsw.t Bjt.j also explores the primary functions and duties of the African king (and queen) in an effort to develop a framework for creating effective leaders in the modern African world community.

Asar Imhotep’s exploratory research has allowed him to develop what he calls the Afro-Symmetry Model to explain the mechanisms involved in the psychological formation of certain African spiritual, cultural, and artistic conceptualizations, practices, and motifs that have come to define pre-Western thought and being. One of these mechanisms is linguistic paronymy, which is a major source of African myths and rituals.  

Topics addressed in this text include:

  • The authentic definition of Nsw.t Bjt.y in ancient ciKam
  • The mislabeling of kings as “divine”
  • Defining the words Wsjr(Osiris) and nTr (god) and their relationship to the king
  • The relationship between African clan structures and the functions of kingship
  • The relationship of paronymy to the creation of culture in African civilizations
  • The origin of African royal insignia and its borrowing into European cultures
  • Clarification on the nature and origin of the “soul” in African spiritual traditions
  • Ancient nj-Km.t concepts of leadership and its lessons for the modern era
  • African wisdom-centers (secret societies) as institutions for the development of enlightened leadership
  • And much more . . .

The kings of African civilizations are exemplars whose life-stories embody and display the best approaches and solutions to life's challenges. This text analyzes the African institution of kingship, and African centers of wisdom, in order to show how they assist human beings in their pursuit of wisdom and perfection. Nsw.t Bjt.j (King) in Ancient Egyptian provides the student of ancient ci.Kam (Km.t), and Africana in general, with a tool kit for analyzing African wisdom traditions and initiatory texts. 

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Nsw.t Bjt.j (King) in Ancient Egyptian

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