Khu Khem Kemet Tour 2015: The importance of an African pilgrimage.

by Asar Imhotep, 3 years ago
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We will be discussing the upcoming Khu Khem "Exploring the Kemetic Tradition in it's Afrikan Context" Kemet Tour 2015 with our special guests: Aankh Benu (Louisiana) and Ra Meri (South Africa). Topics to be addressed are: 1) Egypt in its African context, 2) the uniqueness of this tour, 3) the referral incentive program, 4) learning hieroglyphs for the tour, and 5) the relationship between ancient Egypt and modern African societies, just to name a few. This will be a dynamic discussion and we hope that you will get the opportunity to travel with us to the Motherland to better know yourself and your great ancestral legacy. To learn more about the tour, visit:!kemtour/c1fn6

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