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About Asar

Asar Imhotep is a computer programmer, Cultural Theorist and Africana researcher from Houston, TX whose research focus is the cultural, linguistic and philosophical links between the Ancient Egyptian civilizations and modern BaNtu cultures of central and South Africa.

He is the founder of the MOCHA-Versity Institute of Philosophy and Research and the Madu-Ndela Institute for the Advancement of Science and Culture. He is also the author of The Bakala of North America, the Living Suns of Vitality: In Search for a Meaningful Name for African-Americans, Passion of the Christ or Passion of Osiris: The Kongo Origins of the Jesus Myth, Where is the Love? How language can reorient us back to love's purpose, and Aaluja: Rescue, Reinterpretation and the Restoration of Major Ancient Egyptian Themes, Vol. 

Asar is a noted speaker and philosopher and is currently organizing efforts in a nation-wide venture titled The African-American Cultural Development Project—a national project aimed at creating a framework for an African-American culture which will help vitally stimulate the economic, political, scientific and cultural spheres of African-American life in the United States.

Asar has presented and submitted papers to such conferences as: 

•    National Council for Black Studies
•    National Association of Black Psychologists
•    NBUF National Conference
•    National Association of African American Studies
•    Free Minds, Free People National Conference
•    African-American Student Leadership Conference – Texas A&M
•    Women, Children, War and Violence Symposium – Texas Southern University
•    MAAFA featured speaker – New Orleans
•    African American Studies Research Symposium – University of Houston
•    ASCAC